Our Mission Statement

The majority of our clients are in qualified plans saving for retirement. Many will not see their money for up to 30 years. We realize that MDK is the closest thing they have to their money. We take our responsibility very seriously. 
                                                                                         ~Michael David Krost, President

Mission Statement:
MDK Financial Group, Inc. is committed to providing the confidence in your investments that comes from planning prudently for future goals and retirement objectives. We seek clients for whom we can serve as their advisor, attending to the details of their financial life as it moves forward. We will strive to develop long-term relationships through on going communication and interraction with our clients. We will educate ourselves about their history, and help them clarify their goals, values, and dreams. 
Vision Statement:
By adding our professional financial planning and investment management wisdom, we will serve as a coach to assist with retirement savings and personal investments with the intent of accomplishing a strong proabability of achieving and maintaining financial independence.