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MDK Financial Groups primary markets include Qualified Retirement Plans such as the ORP and TSA for professionals and faculty members in higher education. We have been associated with most institutions of higher education for over 33 years. We believe, we have established ourselves among the leading firms to enroll, administer, and service tax deferred retirement programs in these unique environments. In addition, we make available managed money managers to help you build and preserve your wealth. Whether you choose a complete asset allocation strategy or just an investment manager for a single asset class the options presented will be derived from a disciplined process that is focused on your specific situation. 

We are available to discuss your long and short term goals, how you want your holdings structured and the level of risk you are willing to take in your investment. We will construct a plan that is designed around your specific needs, goals and objectives. Our 3 step investment process strives to help you achieve your desired goals. First, we define your investment objectives. Second, we choose an asset allocation strategy. Third, we match investments to objectives and the end result is a detailed asset allocation strategy that is diversified.

Subsequently, on at least a quarterly basis, MDK reviews and analyzes the suitability and other aspects of the account although no written report is sent to the client. Client will receive a minimum of quarterly statements from the custodian which provides current investment information.

If it is determined by MDK that adjustments be made to the portfolio for any reason other than portfoio rebalancing, the client will be contacted for authorization. On an annual basis and/or as needed basis, MDK communicates with each client in this service to reevaluate financial status, needs, objectives and other pertinent information.

Investment Management Services client accounts are held in custody at either Fidelity, or Pershing. Clients will receive a statement of periodic positions and current holdings form the custodian. 

Retirement Planning
Let MDK Financial Group help you with your retirement planning so you can enjoy your golden years. Whether you are retired or gearing towards retirement, you've worked hard and saved for your enjoyment. You may be sufficiently prepared, or maybe additional savings are required for you to feel financially confident. We analyze your financial situation and offer a comprehensive approach to help you prepare for your retirement future.

At MDK Financial Group, we provide direct, candid answers to your retirement planning questions. Do you want to know what your retirement distribution will be? Are you going to be able to do the things you have always wanted with the confidence that your financial situation can support it? We have extensive experience handling retirement planning.

Income Planning
How much retirement income should you anticipate? Today, our financial situation is much more complex with a variety of income sources – investments, Social Security, part-time employment, and a changing pension climate. Let us analyze your financial situation and give you some comprehensive solutions that may benefit your financial future. At MDK Financial Group, we help simplify your financial resources to provide a realistic view of retirement income. Will you receive a company pension? Have you contributed to a savings plan? What are your distribution options upon retirement and how much income will they provide? Diversifying your portfolio into investments that make sense for your specific situation is a key component to income planning. We will provide you with straight-forward, independent advice.

Retirement Portfolio Review
Our retirement portfolio review process allows us to analyze your financial situation to help plan for your future. Whether planning to retire, or already enjoying your golden years, it is important to consistently review your financial situation to determine the probability of your assets that strive to provide financial independence for you and your family. Through income planning and investment management, we can provide you with a retirement portfolio that is individualized and suitable for you.

Wealth Management
For many, the current financial climate has ravaged investments, dashed retirement plans and diminished nest eggs, making wealth management more important than ever. MDK Financial Group is not tied to a limited list of investments. We review thousands of investments and recommend those we believe are best suited for our clients' portfolios.

When you are discussing wealth management, you need advanced investment advice that provides key elements tailored to meet your personal goals and objectives. These fundamentals include financial planning, estate planning, tax strategies and investment management. We want to formulate a wealth management plan that strives to grow and sustain your long term wealth. We offer a locally-based personal approach to our investment advice because we want to build a relationship with our clients that will last a lifetime.

• Develop & Implement Investment Policy Statement
• Review & Monitor Asset Styles & Allocation of Investment Menu
• Investment Manager Due Diligence, Screening, and Recommendations
• Ongoing Monitor and Performance Review
• Develop Asset Allocation Models
• Quarterly Meeting with Plan Sponsor
• Annual Plan Due Diligence meeting to review fiduciary aspects of the plan

• Develop / Refine Strategy for Employee Education and Communication
• Design Custom Materials for Meetings and Ongoing Education
• Conduct Employee Enrollment and Investment Education Meetings
• Monitor Employee Participation and Investment Elections
• Provide Ongoing Education and Participant Support
• Provide Model Portfolio Tools for Participant Allocations

We invite you to contact MDK Financial Group, Inc. to start the process of creating a personalized and managed program that strives to meet your needs.

Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy, including diversification, asset allocation and rebalancing, can guarantee a profit or protect against loss.There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio in any given market environment. Neither Geneos Wealth Management, nor its registered representatives or employees, offer tax or legal advice.

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