Sevey Sprinkle

Chief Wellness Officer

Sevey is a very important member of our firm, he knows his job very well and makes everyone smile wherever he goes! Sevey’s primary duties include greeting clients, attending meetings as well as being responsible for morale and security at the company (he is often watching out a window to alert of visitors).

Sevey is a wonderful communicator which is important here at MDK, although Sevey is a tenured employee he does not have keys to the office so… You may be sitting in a deep focus when all of a sudden you get a gentle but firm nudge on your elbow; that would be Sevey kindly asking you to open the door to the backyard for personal business.  

Reception desks in every office are stocked with healthy dog treats and are handed out whenever Sevey asks for one; you’ll defiantly know when he is requesting to be rewarded.

Sevey is an 85lb Pryedoodle rescue. Sevey was named after Severiano Ballesteros Sota, a professional golfer. June 2021, Sevey was transported to Houston, TX from Denver, Co. Sevey’s birthday is August 30, 2020. Sevey started work at the ripe old age of 10 months at MDK – his first day of work was June 14, 2021. Sevey did not attend securities schooling but had no problem passing his “bark exam” and wears his tags proudly. Outside of his professional life, Sevey enjoys walks, boating, splashing in the pool, playing with his toys (LOVES TOYS), and lots of quality time with his family.

If you visit the offices of MDK and you don’t see Sevey just ask any member of the staff they will gladly bring him in to meet you. NOW, if you REALLY have your heart on meeting Sevey, please mention this during your appointment setup call, we’ll try and add you to his calendar – Sevey aims to please!


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